Temporary Executorship in Georgia

by G. Lee Floyd
(Glenwood, GA, )

My mother died recently without a will. She has a small estate and decisions need to be made about property etc.,

My siblings have agreed that I should be the executor of her estate.

Are there forms that would/could make me the executor for purposes of preserving and protecting the estate?

Editor's Note:

The following extract is from Georgia's Probate Courts Website:


TEMPORARY ADMINISTRATION Notice to the heirs is not required, but a majority of the heirs may select the Temporary Administrator.

Powers are limited to collecting and preserving the assets of the decedent, and the Court may appoint a Temporary Administrator upon any showing of necessity or appropriateness. No expenditures or disbursements may be made without a special court order.

Temporary Administrators must post bond and file inventories and returns. Guardians of minor or incapacitated adult heirs may consent to selection, provided the guardian is not the petitioner.

Applicable forms can be found on the following page:

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