Letter to Landlord
to Terminate Lease

Legally you may have reason to write a letter to landlord to terminate lease before the lease expires.

letter terminate lease


If the landlord does not fulfill his obligations by law and in terms of your Property Rental Agreement, you have legal cause for terminating the lease.

You may have requested necessary repairs or pointed out health or safety hazards (which you have done in writing and following proper procedure) without any response from the landlord.

Refer to Renters Rights and Letter to Landlord for tenant procedure and more tenant information.

If the landlord is in default, he can not keep your security deposit (except for actual damages to the property) or hold you liable for rent for the remainder of the lease.


Letter to Landlord to Terminate Lease

TO:    __________________________



With reference to our lease agreement for the following property:


I hereby advise you that I will be vacating the property on or before the following date: ___________. I acknowledge that the lease only expires on ___________________.

You have violated the terms of the lease agreement by failing to remedy my complaints as submitted to you in my letters dated __________________________________.

Despite numerous telephone calls and letters to yourself requesting necessary repairs to the above mentioned property, I have had no response from you. You have therefore not fulfilled the obligations of a landlord as per our lease agreement and have violated the statutory law to repair.

As such you have broken our lease agreement.

I therefore expect the return of my security deposit by registered mail to my forwarding address:




or by direct deposit into the following account:




I accept no liability for payment of the rent for the remainder of the rental period since you broke the lease agreement.

Please advise me as to where and how the keys can be returned to you.

I can be contacted on the following telephone numbers:





______________________                       _______________________

Tenant                                                           Date


As with all letters to landlord my advice is to send it by registered mail and to retain proof of mailing and copies of letters.

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Your Letter to Landlord to Terminate Lease is for those instances when the Landlord is in default and you are within your renters rights to end the agreement.

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