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Dec 14, 2018

Digital Assets - What Will Happen to Them After Your Death?

computer screen with hands holding currency

Practical guidelines on how to manage your digital assets after you pass away.

What are the legalities to have someone else access your profile or should you create a digital trust to manage your accounts.

These are all issues you need to consider to help you with some advance planning.

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Dec 12, 2018

Short Term Rentals - Pros and Cons

Where would a landlord get the best return on investment? Should you self-manage your property on an airbnb platform?

short term rental locations

We list some of the most important factors to consider such as:

  • Vacancy periods on a short term rental vs a longer lease - how do you adjust the rental for that?
  • How much time do you have to manage the property and what are the risks for the various tenant profiles?
  • What are the legal requirements in your area, are short term rentals even allowed in that specific property and how would you make provision for third party insurance?

    ...and more.

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Dec 10, 2018

Rental Application Rejection Letter

letter and sad face

So you’ve picked the best tenant for your rental property. You did so without discrimination or bias, right?

You now need to issue a rejection letter to unsuccessful candidates.

Here too you need to comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act - or any other applicable law in your country/state.

Our free rejection letter template makes it very easy to guide you through the possible reasons for rejections and how to convey that courteously and professionally.

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Dec 07, 2018

Why You May Need A Parental Travel Consent Form

traveling boy at airport

There is an increased vigilance and scrutiny of documents by staff to ensure that children have permission from their legal guardians to travel across international borders.

It may seem like an unnecessary hassle to an adult who has all the right in the world to travel with a young one.

However, it is so easy to get the right forms in place!

We welcome these measures in order to protect children who may be victims of child trafficking or the unlawful abduction by a parent who does not have custody of a child.

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Dec 05, 2018

So What can go Wrong with Your Construction or Make-over Project?

collapsing scaffold with worker

Hmm, lets see:

  • The contractor can go bankrupt midway through the project, possibly leaving the homeowner stranded
  • The contractors may damage your prized stained glass window during installation
  • There may be theft of building materials from the construction site
  • Workers may be seriously injured whilst working on your project

Key to dealing with these and other eventualities is ensuring that workman's compensation and sufficient contractor insurance and performance bonds are in place.

Take a look at our guidelines here:

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Dec 04, 2018

How Does a Testamentary Trust Work?

testamentary trust timeline

What are the legal steps in creating a testamentary trust? Who does which duties? And how? And why should you consider making provision for one in your will?

We'll guide you through the whole process.

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Dec 03, 2018

Social Media Will - Planning Ahead

globe with internet icons

How do you wish your digital accounts and social media to be handled after your death?

You can create an Addendum or Codicil to your will to make provision for your digital assets.

You should also create a Social Media Will where you can leave exact instructions to your digital executor on how you wish your online presence be finalized .

We provide free templates for both documents here:

Continue reading "Social Media Will - Planning Ahead"

Nov 30, 2018

Tenant Eviction Process

lock and chain on steel door

Getting rid of a problem tenant can be an expensive and very frustrating process.

The challenge is having to follow the legal route which can be time consuming. But there are also a couple of creative (yet legal) ways to get rid of a tenant.

Take a look at some of the solutions that landlords have come up with.

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Nov 29, 2018

You're Just 9 Steps Away from Writing Your Own Will

For every step we provide the legal guidelines to assist you.

how to write a will in 9 steps

And once you’ve decided the who and what, you can make your choice from a number of free last will templates we have on our site to compile your own document.

Continue reading "You're Just 9 Steps Away from Writing Your Own Will"

Nov 28, 2018

Selling Something Privately?

earth with for sale sign

Then it's very easy to use one of our printable bill of sale forms to document the transaction.

We have forms for the sale of goods where a single payment will be made, to record a holding a holding deposit and where you can enter into an installment sale agreement.

We also have specific forms when selling a vehicle, motorcycle or boat - all totally free to download or print.

Continue reading "Selling Something Privately?"

Nov 27, 2018

Simple and Sound Advice for a Power of Attorney

power of attorney safety tips

...in a nutshell.

And as ever, we provide more details and a variety of free power of attorney forms.

Continue reading "Simple and Sound Advice for a Power of Attorney"

Nov 26, 2018

Job Descriptions and the Multiple Uses for this Form

computer with degree

A clear job description is such an important document in the workplace, because it forms the basis of:

  • Recruitment specifications
  • Information required on the application form
  • Parameters for employee evaluation

Download our free template and follow our guidelines to assist you with compiling your legal form.

Continue reading "Job Descriptions and the Multiple Uses for this Form"

Nov 23, 2018

Employee Evaluation and Post-Interview Report

So how do you ascribe a rating to questions that rely on a personal assessment rather than factual evidence?

employee star rating

And which criteria should you use to make sure you pick the right candidate for the position?

Our free template can assist you to rate aspects that are job specific so you have proof that one candidate was clearly more suited for a position and thus not subject to unfair bias or discrimination.

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Nov 21, 2018

Final Rental Inspection Checklist


Make use of this document to identify and inform your tenant of possible deductions against a security deposit.

A preliminary inspection can be done a week or two earlier, giving a tenant the opportunity to make good before doing the final inspection.

Alternatively, confirm that there will be no deductions for repairs or cleaning and that the security deposit will be returned promptly.

Continue reading "Final Rental Inspection Checklist"

Nov 20, 2018

Which Promissory Note/Loan Agreement Should You Use?

An IOU simply acknowledges that money is owed, but makes no provision for the terms or timing of repayment.

types of promissory notes

There is an obvious advantage to having a secured loan: should the borrower go bankrupt, then assets may have to be sold to pay off debts and any available money will first go towards secured loans.

If you cannot have a loan secured by collateral, you could require/demand that another person either co-signs the loan agreement or enter into a separate guarantor agreement.

An employee loan agreement differs in the sense that the employee does not make a promise to pay, but rather grants permission to the employer to deduct payment directly from the salary.

We’ll guide you through the options in more detail and provide the applicable legal templates.

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