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We put a lot of thought into compiling our legal documents and take pride in the selection featured on our site.

All the agreements and free legal forms are written in plain English so all parties can understand them clearly and they can be downloaded instantly (simply copy and paste) and free of charge.

Apart from supplying documents for business use, you will also find contracts to formalize a personal agreement.

There are many times when you should seek professional legal advice. Our aim with these free legal documents is to help you with your research before your legal consultation and so reduce your hours billed.

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Featured - Temporary Guardianship

You can grant temporary guardianship to a trusted adult without going to court.

Our free printable forms makes provision for local travel as well as granting permission to a a guardian to consent to medical treatment in case of an emergency.

Review the guidelines for the combined temporary guardianship form or use the stand-alone parental travel consent / child medical consent form.

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Featured - How to Write an Affidavit

Our free affidavit templates are some of the most often used documents, since there are many instances in everyday life for which you may need to make a statement of fact under oath.

For example: to serve as proof of residence, to certify that you lost an important document and need a replacement, to attest to a death, in court proceedings and many more.

Here's how to write an affidavit in a few simple steps with various templates to download.

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An evergreen reminder: Do you have an updated Last Will and Testament in place?

Apart from making a new will (which is always advisable), a Codicil to Will is an easy way to make simple changes to your will without a lawyer, e.g. change an executor or guardian, remove or add a beneficiary, revoke a will etc.

Will and Codicils Copies

Addendum to a Will
We show you in 7 simple steps how to make a codicil as an addendum to your Will. You may also want to add a letter of wishes, add bequests or an asset list as addendums.

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Codicil to Will
An overview of the legal requirements to make a codicil, with free printable templates as well as fillable forms in PDF and Word format to download.

Notary Acknowledgement Wording Examples

When using our free legal documents, it may be a requirement in some jurisdictions to have certain documents sworn to and signed under oath before a notary public or commissioner of oaths e.g. your ast will, power of attorney, affidavit etc.

Even if it's not a formal requirement, acknowledgement by a notary public of a sworn statement, serves as proof of a person's identification and verification of his/her signature, and can add more credibility to your important legal documents.

Below are some samples of notary wording on a document.

Acknowledgement by a Notary Public:

This document was sworn to and acknowledged before me on this
______day of ____________________20__

by ________________________(full legal names) who is personally known to me or who has provided identification in the form of _________________.

Signature of Notary Public __________________
Full legal names ___________________________

My commission expires ________________________

State of _____________________
County of ____________________

Attestation by a Commissioner of Oaths:

I, (full legal names) of (address) in my capacity as Commissioner of Oaths certify that ______________ is personally known to me or has provided identification in the form of _________________ and acknowledged to me that the accompanying document was executed by him/her for the purposes stated therein.

Signature _________________
Capacity _________________

Place ___________ Date __________

Below are quick links to our most popular free legal documents:

tutoring online

Tutoring Contract
Your free agreement provides for online tutoring as well as lessons in person and confirms the tutor's status as an independent contractor.

house in life belt on sea

Lease Extension Letter
You may have to confirm your lease extension in writing. As a tenant in good standing you should negotiate better terms for your next rental period.

Durable or Lasting Power of Attorney
with explanatory notes and a variety of other free POA forms.

Loan Agreements
Review the various repayment options and select a free sample document to suit your requirement.

Free Bill of Sale Forms
Customize your documents for the sale of a variety of goods.

Free Legal Documents

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