Free Contract Templates

The free contract templates referenced on this page are especially geared
towards independent contractors, a home based business or for entrepreneurs formulating their business forms.

All our free legal forms can be downloaded and copied into your word editing program where you can amend them to suit your specific requirements.

Note: Please feel free to contact us with any additional information or clauses that we could add to our free contract templates, or any guidelines which you can offer for specific home based businesses.

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If you run a small business and have a service contract that you would like to share, please contact us too.

With your input we can improve our free legal forms to the benefit of all our visitors!

Apart from the small business forms listed below, please use the navigation bar on the left or refer to our free legal forms sitemap for many more free legal documents.

Free Contract Templates and Guidelines:

Demand For Payment Letters

Unfortunately you may find yourself in a position where you need to write one of the following:

  • Demand letter for services rendered where you have not been paid
  • Compensation for faulty services rendered
  • Demand letter for property damage

ants with payment notice

We provide clear guidelines as to what you need to specify in your Demand for Payment and we provide a number of Sample Letter Templates.

Review the information on Small Claims Court which may offer a viable option to pursue your claim claim.

Whether you are starting a small business, have a home based business or work as an independent contractor or service provider, it is important to consider your risks and liabilities and have adequate protection in place.

Refer to our page on Home Business Insurance where we take a look at:

  • Small Business Liability Insurance and Property Insurance
  • Establishing a Bond
  • Worker's Compensation Insurance
  • Incorporating Your Small Business
  • Independent Contractor Insurance
  • Business Licenses
  • Small Business Forms

To find out more about specific business licence and other requirements in your state or country, visit the related Government sites linked to on the right.

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