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Independent Contractors and Business Forms

All Things Photography

General Contractors

Intellectual Property


What is Protected by Copyright Law

Moral Rights

Copyright Infringement

Copyright Laws
and Internet Plagiarism

Remedies Against Content Thieves

Copyright Forms
An Overview of the Letters available and Links to External Resources

Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement on the Internet
Sample Cease and Desist Letter to an Infringing Webmaster

Internet Copyright Infringement
Sample Notice of Infringement to Web Hosts and Domain Registrars

Copyright Protection
Sample Notice of Infringement to Search Engines

Cease and Desist Letter
General Purpose Sample Letter

Assignment of Copyright



More Patent Answers:
How to Make Money from Your Invention
How to Enforce your Patent Rights
What does Not Qualify as a Patent
The Lifespan of a Patent

Design Patent

Plant Patent

Non-disclosure Agreement


General Business Forms

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