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You may be looking for a contract to sell your car, a rental agreement for letting a cottage or a temporary guardianship form - and found our site. Welcome!

There are so many instances where people require a legal document and have neither the need Nor the budget for consultation with an attorney. Our Web site caters for these people.

However, the free legal documents and free legal forms are not intended as a total replacement for legal- or professional counsel. There are situations where you have to consult with a lawyer. When you do, the information supplied here is further intended to help you do your preparation beforehand and so save money on hours billed.

We want to offer more than just free legal forms, so a group of experienced professionals in their respective fields have generously contributed additional guidelines and information such as:

  • Being a landlord and how to make investing in real estate easier;
  • What to look for when buying or selling a vehicle, motorcycle or boat;
  • The various options when compiling a last will and testament;
  • Working as an independent contractor;
  • The pros and cons of franchising;
  • etc.

We hope you find our guidelines, free legal documents and free legal forms useful and that you become a regular visitor to our site.

Note: Use our Site Search function to quickly and easily find the forms you need.

The webmaster and coordinator of the information on is Antoinette Sawyer - Feel free to add your comments or suggestions by using the comment form at the bottom of this page or by sending us a note through our "Contact Us" function.

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