Federal Post-Conviction

by Michael Conlon J.D.
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

Having been convicted of a drug charge in the federal system in 1986 I was still eligible for parole before it was abolished in 1987.

I received an unbelievable sentence that was equal to twenty years for less than an ounce of cocaine. 12 year term with an additional 8 year special parole term, leaving me with a prison exposure of twenty years.

After a period of time I became very familiar with the law library, finally earning a position as a law clerk for a period of 7 years day in and day out.

After many violations of parole for not new criminal activity but administrative violations, i.e., not reporting my change of address within 72 hours which earned me an illegal two year imprisonment.

After two solid years of fighting from the law library I finally won my case of being illegally incarcerated for 24 months of which I was released by way of a federal writ of habeas corpus.

The odds of this in the present federal system is one in millions.

After becoming very well versed in the federal system I managed to help many others seek the release from a very corrupt system, one in particular was a young man that had an illegal 20 year term removed by way of my efforts.

After my release I earned a law degree and today I continue to fight the good fight and help as many illegally incarcerated people as I physically and mentally can.

So the end result is some good can come from something so bad.

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by: Anonymous

Awesome!!! Good for you, I think that the law is very intimidating, especially if you've never been in trouble, don't know the law, and its YOUR freedom on the line.

When finding yourself on the opposite side of the law, what are you to do, especially if you go with a public defender?!!!

HAHA....Someone who you're supposed to be receiving the same service from as a paid lawyer! That will never happen!

I applaud you, for doing something about educating yourself in these matters. There are not enough people out there to care enough to take interest in someone's case, who isn't paying top dollar for services rendered.

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