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Should I Close Out My Apartments LLC? 
I could use some opinions please, I know I need to discuss this with my Attorney but I would like a few plans to approach him with... Hello There, …

Federal Post-Conviction 
Having been convicted of a drug charge in the federal system in 1986 I was still eligible for parole before it was abolished in 1987. I received an …

Landlord Questions 
Help! My tenant passed away suddenly and I don't know what to do! My tenant moved into my rental on a month to month tenancy. He was paid up on his …

Landlord Rights when Tenant Dies 
When does a landlord have the right to enter premises after the tenant dies? Our best friend passed away and he was renting from a cop. Two days after …

Who does this dog belong to legally? 
My ex fiance bought me a lovely dog for my birthday last year but when I started college his mother agreed to let the dog come and stay at her house as …

Bill of Sale Protection 
The seller of a boat has no previous Bill of Sale. Does a new Bill of Sale protect the new buyer from any future financial claims, and could the boat …

Can an officer dig through your garbage without a warrant? 
Can an officer go through your trash can outside of your home without a valid search warrant? And can they then use anything found as probable cause …

Free Legal Information for Landlords 
A landlord should avail himself of all applicable free legal information available. And if it raises more questions than answers, that too is a good thing! …

Secured Loans 
I have a home I bought in 1981 which is fully paid for. I got a new husband in 1999 and allowed him to use my home as collateral for his loan solely in …

Debt After Divorce 
Can you take your ex spouse to small claims if the dissolution stated "no shared debt"? My ex-wife and I had a dissolution recently and on our paperwork …

Surrender Car to Satisfy Lien Not rated yet
Can I surrender my car to the person who privately loaned me the money to buy it? Will this satisfy the promissory note of the loan? Does the promissory …

Temporary Executorship in Georgia Not rated yet
My mother died recently without a will. She has a small estate and decisions need to be made about property etc., My siblings have agreed that I should …

Questionable Rental Fees Not rated yet
Is it legal for a rental company to do a background check and charge me a fee ($21) for this BEFORE I have even seen the house? Before they will show …

Rights of a Significant Other Not rated yet
Do I have any rights to the home we share if it is his?

Agreement for Graphic Designers Not rated yet
As a freelance graphic designer and illustrator for the past twenty one years, I've never used an independent contractor agreement as such. Instead …

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