Boat Sales Agreement

For a private seller of a boat having a boat sales agreement in place is especially important.

Fines against a boat are the responsibility of the legal owner, so if you are selling a boat, this is the one time where you have to get your transaction in writing.

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We've compiled a couple of boat-related free legal forms to use as templates:

For links to more forms legal guidelines and related government sites, please visit our main Boating Page.

A Few Boat Selling Tips

The initial telephone response to your advertisement is your opportunity to pre-sell. Be forthcoming and honest about your boat's features.

Our Tips for Boat Buyers can give you a good indication of what type of questions you can expect.

Once you've established the market value of your boat, an obvious inexpensive way to advertise may be a notice on your yacht club or community bulletin boards to find a local buyer. Alternatively there are many internet sites that provide that service.

Whether you are selling the boat, motor, trailer and accessories separately or together, you should be negotiable to some extent, rather than having to pay for repeated advertisements,.

Clarify with the prospective buyer as to who will pay launching and fuel costs for the test drive and get that paid beforehand.

Get your boat ready for the prospective buyer:

  • Fix or polish where you can - a bit of elbow grease will be worth your while. First impressions are all important. Dull fiberglass can look as good as new after a good buffing with rubbing compound and a wax. Wood should be scrubbed and oiled.
  • Get rid of smells - clean the bilge, head and shower thoroughly.

You can even do the boat history check yourself which can be attached to your boat sales agreement, and lost boat service manuals can be replaced for about $30.

Do not withhold information about known defects, but rather specify them in your free boat bill of sale. Ask whether the buyer has finance in place, otherwise set a time limit to obtain finance in your boat bill of sale.

If you can not be physically present to complete the documentation for selling your boat, use our special or limited Power of Attorney to empower your Agent to oversee the transaction.

Confirm with your local authorities which other documentation - apart from your boat sales agreement - you need for the legal transfer of ownership of your boat.

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