The number of our online accounts are ever increasing!

How will you ensure that your online presence does not get taken advantage of when you are no longer there to keep an eye on it?

Unfortunately there are many instances of identity theft when people pass away. Or family members get painful reminders of a loved one's Facebook posts if the account is not memorialized or closed.

As much as you should make a will to take care of your tangible assets, so too should you make a list of and let your wishes be known as to how you want your social media and other digital accounts finalised.

EndExec will make it easy for your loved ones or chosen executor to find
and safely end your online accounts!

The process is simple:

endexec app

  • Get the App!
  • Nominate Executor
    ~ register securely
  • Enter Information
    ~ login details and closing instructions
  • Update As and When
  • Sorted!

To get advance notice of this release (and a discounted price!)
submit your email address below (not to be used for anything else.)

PLEASE NOTE: This is not an order or commitment to buy on your part. It is simply an opt-in to be notified of the release.

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FREE - Up to 5 Accounts
$5 - Up to 20 Accounts
$10 - Unlimited Accounts

NB: We will show you how to reference this App in your Last Will and Testament as record of your Social Media Will.

You could leave instructions, for example to:

  • Email - Delete all emails
  • iPhone and iPad - Erase all content and settings
  • PayPal - Withdraw any funds still available to my designated bank account and close my PayPal account
  • Facebook - Memorialize Account
  • StockPhotoSite - Cancel monthly subscription. Give login details to my neighbour Jane Doe to use any remaining photo credits
  • CloudBackUpCompany - Cancel subscription and close account
  • Skype - Delete account
  • Pinterest - Deactivate account

Moreover, EndExec will be a handy register of your digital accounts and login information for your day-to-day use and updates.

Sidebar: You actually do not want details of your digital accounts to be part of your normal Last Will and Testament where it will become public knowledge during probation. You only need to reference the existence of the App and appointment of your Digital Executor in your will. This is also not intended for your online bank accounts, which will form part of your tangible assets and therefor dealt with in your normal Last Will and Testament.

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