Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are not cast in stone. They should be adjusted
from time to time to reflect changes in the scope of the work, the company needs or the structure within the company.

The document should contain short but clear instructions in a summarized form and focus on essential activities. There is no need to list trivial tasks.

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Accurate and up to date job descriptions are amongst the most important documents to ensure effective employee management.

They form the basis of:

  • Your recruitment specifications - composing advertisements
  • Information required on the Application Form - qualifications, skills, experience
  • Legal Interview Questions
  • Remuneration scale
  • Provisions in the Employment Contract
  • Parameters for Employee Evaluation
  • Your legal defense in discrimination charges or if an employee is dismissed for poor performance.

Please visit our Employment Forms main page for links to a variety of employment contracts and more job related free documents.

The free template below lists the main categories with explanatory notes in brackets to assist you in compiling your own employment forms.

Copyright Notice

Job Description

Name of Company:                                        Date:

Job Title:

(Retail Manager, Receptionist, Sales Executive)


(Accounting, Administration, Sales)


(Title of the supervisor e.g. Sales Manager - not the name of the person currently in that position)


(Physical address of the place of employment)

Working Conditions:

(Outdoors, Office, Factory, High noise levels, Chemical fumes)

Basis of Employment:

(Full time, part-time, temporary, fixed-term)

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:



   3. etc.

(These duties must be done by the jobholder. List them in order of importance, using active verbs in the description e.g. Maintain accurate stock records and perform stock takes bi-monthly. Prepare and produce monthly internal newsletter. Cleaning of shelves, counter tops and display cabinets)

Additional Duties and Responsibilities:



   3. etc.

(These are not essential duties, may be required from time to time and can also be done by another employee e.g. Assisting with annual stock takes. Manning the switchboard whilst the receptionist is on lunch)



(Specify the appropriate degree, license, certifications or number of years relevant experience. What is the minimum requirement)


(Specify skills required e.g. knowledge of software, operating machinery)


(How physically demanding is the job. Must the applicant be able to see, hear, talk, run, lift heavy equipment)


Job Title:

Acknowledgement by Employee:

The contents of this job description have been discussed with me and I have received a copy thereof. I understand that this document is general in nature and that duties and responsibilities required may be amended from time to time.




Note: It is important to have your job descriptions drafted in such a way that it is bias-free in order to avoid any charges of discrimination.

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