Letter to Landlord
to Self Repair

You may have no choice but to write a letter to landlord to self repair damages to a property if you choose to stay there.

You already wrote a letter to request repairs as well as a letter informing him that you will be withholding rent and you still got no reaction.

repair estimate

You either decide that you will take it upon yourself to do the repairs, or they may be so serious that you do not want to stay at the property any longer - in which case you write a Letter to Landlord to Terminate Lease.

Refer to the information on our Renters Rights page to make sure you comply with the law. Our Letter to Landlord page has samples of other letters.

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Letter to Landlord to Self Repair




With reference to repairs needed at the following property::


Despite my letter dated ____________ requesting repairs to the property and having allowed ______ days as a reasonable amount of time for the repairs to be done, you have not made these repairs.

I have obtained quotes from three reputable service companies which I enclose. If I do not hear from you within _______ days I will contract the lowest bidder to proceed with the repairs.

Furthermore: I will be acting within the law by paying for the repairs and deducting them from my next payment.


Furthermore: I will be acting within the law by paying for the repairs from rent previously withheld in an escrow account of which I notified you in my letter dated __________________.

I can be contacted at the following telephone numbers:








As with all letters to landlord our advice is to send it by registered mail and to retain proof of mailing and copies of letters.

Your Letter to Landlord to Self Repair serves as sufficient notice to your Landlord and allows time for him / her to respond. Thereafter you can go ahead with repairs as outlined in your letter.

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