Letter to Landlord
Withholding Rent

You can write a letter to landlord withholding rent if he does not comply with his obligations by law or as set out in your Property Rental Agreement.

Some landlords may only be prompted into action if their pockets are affected.

Or you may need to write a letter asking the landlord for a reduction in rent because of financial distress due to circumstances beyond your control.

There are a number of options to explore which we'll show you in our sample Letter to Landlord Requesting a Reduction in Rent.

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If you withhold rent, you should deposit the money into an escrow account to show that you were ready, willing and able to pay the rent, but for problems with the property which were not addressed.

Refer to the information on the Renters Rights page and specifically the information on withholding rent to make sure you comply with the law.

You have telephoned and or written a Letter to Landlord Requesting Repairs and you've allowed a reasonable time for the repairs to be done - with no reaction from the landlord.

Sending the letter below is your next step.

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Letter to Landlord Withholding Rent




With reference to repairs needed at the following property:


I have brought to your attention in my previous letter dated ____________ that necessary repairs need to be made to the property.

According to my rental agreement you are legally responsible for these repairs, but even after allowing a reasonable amount of time for you to effect these repairs, you have not taken any action.

I have held back $__________ from my rent payment to you and have deposited that amount into an escrow account at:



I am thereby showing that I am ready, willing and able to pay the rent.

As soon as the repairs have been made I will release the escrowed amount to you.

I can be contacted at the following telephone numbers:







As with all letters to landlord our advice is to send it by registered mail and to retain proof of mailing and copies of letters.

You are acting within your renters rights by withholding rent in certain cases. You have to notify the Landlord of doing so in your Letter to Landlord Withholding Rent.

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