Temporary Employment Agreement

A temporary employment agreement is necessary when from time to time
your company or yourself in a private capacity may be in need of a casual or temporary employee.

Whether this person will be employed to supplement your work force during peak times or to stand in for an employee on leave, it is wise to formalize your arrangement with a written employment contract.

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It further serves to provide the employer with legal protection by making it clear that the position is temporary and there shall be no expectation from the employee for permanent employment nor is there an implied promise of continous employment by the company after the time period stipulated in the agreement.

A document outlining specific duties of the casual employee should be attached to your Temporary Employment Agreement as well as a time sheet which should be signed on a daily basis by the employee.

A copy of the Company's Policies and Procedures should be given to the casual employee and if the nature of the position warrants it, the employee could also be required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Should circumstances in your company change and you wish to retain the temporary employee to finish a specific project or for an independent contractor, you can make use of our free Fixed Term Employment contract.

Or maybe the employee is proving to be so valuable to your company that you need a Permanent Employee Contract.

For many more free employment forms, please refer to our main Employment page.

Copyright Notice

Temporary Employment Agreement


(hereinafter referred to as "the Company")


Employee's Personal Details:

(The employee shall be responsible for advising the Company of any changes to his / her personal details)

Full Names:

Identity / Social Security or Other (Specify) number:

Physical Address:

Postal Address:

(hereinafter referred to as "the Temporary Employee")

1. This is NOT a permanent employment contract and under NO circumstances may it be construed as such.

2. As per point 1 above, the Company is not liable to register the Temporary Employee for any statutory deductions normally related to permanent staff.

3. The Temporary Employee is hereby notified that should any payments under this contract be considered a taxable income, such payments will be reported to the Receiver of Revenue.

4. The Temporary Employee shall perform work as required by the Company either on odd days or weekends or full time and may be required to work overtime. This shall not be construed as a permanent relationship.

5. The Temporary Employee may be required to perform work in place of another employee on a casual or temporary basis, as a relief for the duration of the job or during the absence of such another employee. This temporary agreement shall automatically terminate upon the return of the permanent employee or when the job is done or should the requirements of the Company change.

6. The Temporary Employee shall, at all times abide by the safety rules, regulations and working conditions of the Company and maintain the highest standard of professionalism and workmanship in accordance with Company Policy.

7. Should the Temporary Employee be found guilty of contravening the Company's Policies and Procedures, then the Temporary Employee will be disciplined accordingly and the agreement could be terminated immediately.

8. Any and all disputes or claims between the Company and the Temporary Employee arising out of this contract shall be resolved by submission of the same to a private mediation council of the Company's choice for resolution.

9. Should the labor requirement be reduced for any reason whatsoever, it will be at the employer's discretion as to how the work will be allocated and to whom. These decisions will be based on performance and not necessarily the length of service.

10. The Temporary Employee will be informed in advance should his / her services be required.

11. A daily time sheet will be kept and the Temporary Employee will only be remunerated for time worked.

12. Should the Temporary Employee wish to terminate this contract, he / she will only be entitled to receive pay for the hours that he / she has worked.

13. Should the Temporary Employee not perform his / her duties as described below and not meet the requirements and standards of the Company, the Company may terminate the contract with immediate effect and the Temporary Employee will be remunerated for the hours that he / she has worked.

14. Should the Temporary Employee withhold his / her services for whatever reason, a principle of "no work, no pay" shall apply.

The Temporary Employee agrees to perform the services described below (or in attachments):-


The Company shall compensate the Temporary Employee for the services at the rate of ______________ per _______________ (e.g.: Hour, day, week, month).

By signing below, the Temporary Employee certifies under the penalty of perjury that all personal details herein are correct.

Temporary Employee's Legal Names:

Signed at ______________________on this ______day of _________________20____

SIGNATURE _____________________________(for and on behalf of the Company)

WITNESS 1: _____________________________

WITNESS 2: _____________________________

SIGNATURE _____________________________(Temporary Employee)

WITNESS 1: _____________________________

WITNESS 2: _____________________________


How Long can a Temporary Employment Agreement Last?

thin line between unemployed and employed

An employer cannot hide behind a (long term) temporary employment agreement in order to not offer company benefits such as health insurance and a retirement or pension plan.

In most jurisdictions there are time guidelines whereafter an employee becomes eligible for permanent employment and the benefits associated therewith.

This cut-off period varies greatly - consult with a labor specialist in your area to ensure you don't fall foul of the law when drafting your temporary employment agreement.

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