Wedding Photography Checklist

A detailed wedding photography checklist can make an assignment so much easier for a professional (or aspiring) wedding photographer.

Not only can it assist the photographer in calculating his fee, it also serves as reminder of the specific requests for the day. A copy should be given to the photography coordinator prior to the event so he/she will know in advance what to look out for.

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Our checklist is aimed at the contractual side and does not make provision for your equipment checklist. It's a good idea to draw one up for that too!

Note: Our free sample Wedding Photography Contract is a separate document (there's a link to it further down the page), but it references this wedding photography checklist which must be attached to the contract so together they constitute the complete agreement.

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Wedding Photography Checklist

Client's Details

Bride's Names
Physical Address
Tel: Home Office Mobile Other
Groom's Names
Physical Address
Tel: Home Office Mobile Other

Venues: Addresses and Times

Pre-Wedding Consultation
Trial Run
Bride's House
Groom's House

Official Session (e.g. 30 minutes)


Official Session (e.g. 40 minutes)


Miscellaneous Fees


Designated Photography Coordinator

Name                                                                      Cell

Photo Package: __________________________

During the hours reserved the Photographer shall capture images of the bridal party and guests in formal and informal settings. The Photographer shall attempt to include the photographs specifically requested but due to the nature of this event, this may not be possible in all cases and the Client agrees that no deduction in fees shall be made in that case. The Photographer reserves the right to edit and/or retouch all photographs.

Specific Photos Requested





Delivery Schedule

10 Days after the Event:
High resolution files on CD or DVD
Online Wedding Album
Digital Proof of Wedding Album
Prints of Photographs - 4 x 6
Framed Artistic Print - 16 x 20

4 - 6 Weeks after the Event:
Hardcover Bound Wedding Album
2 x Parent's Albums

Signature Bride: ________________________Date: ___________________

Signature Groom: _______________________Date:____________________

Signature Photographer: ______________________Date: ________________

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Note: Wedding photographers typically offer a variety of packages which may be further customized by clients. You can reference your package on this Wedding Photography Checklist and attach a copy of the applicable package to the list. Always a good idea to get your clients to sign the package form too.

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