Guarantor Application Form

All the information on the guarantor application must be verified
before entering into a Guarantor Agreement.

Should the occasion arise where the landlord needs to recover payment from the guarantor, the information obtained on the application form may be vital to track down the guarantor.

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Having a good candidate to guarantee payment of the rent can provide peace of mind to the landlord.

Our free Rental Guarantor Agreement akes provision for any extensions of the lease agreement so there is no need to enter into a rental guarantee agreement again in such an event.

Furthermore, the agreement becomes binding upon the guarantor's estate in the event of his/her passing.

What to Look Out For on a Guarantor Application

The aim is to satisfy the landlord that he will be able to recoup any monies should the tenant fail to pay. Therefore affordability is the main concern for the landlord.

We typically find parents signing as guarantors of the rental payment. No problem so far.

But here's the important bit...

The landlord needs to confirm whether the guarantor also signed surety for any other financial commitments of the child - or even another child for that matter.

The landlord will then be better able to assess the likelihood of the guarantor being overextended financially, should the tenant default on payments.

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Full Names:

Identity Number / Social Sec Number / Other (Specify):

Drivers License Number:

Postal Address:

Telephone Numbers:

Relationship with prospective tenant:

Have you entered into any other Guarantor Agreements:

If yes, please provide comprehensive details:

Present Physical Address:

How Long:

Monthly Rental:

Landlord / Agent:

Contact Numbers:


Present Employer Name & Telephone Number:

Period of Service with Employer:

Salary per Month:

Previous Employer Name & Telephone Number:

Period of Service with Employer:


Full Names:

Identity Number / Social Sec Number / Other (Specify):

Drivers License Number:



Branch and Account Number:


Family Member not living with you:

Telephone Number:


Total Monthly Payments:

I declare that all the above information is true and correct and the information may be used by the landlord or his agent to verify and obtain a complete consumer credit report for purposes of this guarantor application. I accept that this information is not privileged and may be used by the landlord or his agent to decide whether to accept or decline this application.

I understand and agree that any false or incomplete information supplied may be grounds for rejecting this application.

I further grant permission to have a criminal history check done on my person.

The sum of _______________ will accompany this guarantor application to facilitate a credit check.

Signed at ______________________on this ______day of _________________20____

GUARANTOR APPLICANT: _____________________________


The guarantor's application form must be attached to the guarantor agreement since all the relevant information captured here will not be recorded on either the guarantor agreement or rental agreement.

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