Rental Inspection Checklist

Completing a Rental Inspection Checklist in the presence of a tenant
(or his/her representative) is important for a variety of reasons.

It details any damages (beyond normal wear and tear) or cleaning which the tenant has to make good at his/her cost failing which such repair or cleaning costs will be deducted from the security deposit.

More importantly (for the landlord) the tenant's signature acknowledges the defects listed.

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Alternatively, it confirms that there are no defects or damages for which the tenant is liable and obliges the landlord to return the security deposit promptly.

We make provision for both eventualities in the free rental inspection list templates on this page. In both instances the tenant must be given a copy of the signed form.

Before progressing to the final check, the landlord and tenant could (should!) arrange a preliminary check a week or two before the tenant moves out.

This will give the tenant the opportunity to make good any defects or perform the required cleaning noted at this time.

However, if the landlord visits the rental property on a regular basis, maintenance and cleaning can be attended to as and when required.


Note: It may be a duty of the landlord in some jurisdictions to inform the tenant of his/her right to request and be present at an initial inspection. If the tenant then does not exersize this right, the landlord shall not be obliged to perform this initial inspection.

On the last day of the tenancy or as soon as possible thereafter, a final inspection can be done. Should there then still be defects or damages to be repaired or cleaning to be done, the landlord or his Agent will effect the necessary and deduct the costs thereof from the security deposit.

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Final Rental Inspection Checklist

A final inspection of the property located at ______________________________

was held on __________________20____ in the presence of both Landlord/Agent and Tenant/Representative. By mutual agreement the following defects (excluding fair wear and tear) are noted:

The Landlord/Agent shall proceed with repairs or cleaning of the items listed above and a final itemized list with costs and receipts shall be provided to the tenant. These costs shall be deducted from the security deposit and the balance of the security deposit and accrued interest will be returned to the tenant promptly.


Landlord/Agent ____________________________ Date _______________

Tenant/Representative _____________________ Date _______________

Should there be no defects to be repaired or cleaning to be done, then the following checklist can be signed by both parties.

Final Rental Inspection Agreement

A final inspection of the property located at ______________________________

was held on __________________20____

The Landlord/Agent hereby conforms that there are no defects (fair wear and tear excluded) in respect of furniture, fixtures, fittings or the structure of the above mentioned property for which the tenant is liable . The property is returned in a proper condition and there shall be no deductions for cleaning to be done by the landlord.

The full security deposit plus accrued interest, less any amounts due for utilities, shall be promptly returned to the tenant as soon as all amounts are finalized.


Landlord/Agent ____________________________ Date _______________

Tenant/Representative _____________________ Date _______________


Note: Even if the landlord signed an agreement stating that there were no defects listed at the time of the final inspection, this may be amended if:

  • The tenant's possessions obscured such defects;
  • Such defects occurred after the final rental inspection checklist was signed off.

Tenants are expected to return a property in the same state of cleanliness as when they received it. Both tenant and landlord are well-advised to keep photographic records of the before AND after state of a rental property.

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