Veterinary Release Form

This veterinary release form is referenced in both the Pet Sitting Contract and Dog Walking Contract and forms part of both agreements.

A dog walker may well perform some pet sitting duties and vice versa. Take a look at both free legal forms and either complete both or combine them into one document.

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NOTE: If you are a dog walker and are using this vet's release form as part of your Dog Walking Contract, you need to change the words "Pet Sitter" wherever mentioned in this form to "Dog Walker".

You can delete the financial limitation if you wish.

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Veterinary Release Form

Owner's Full Names: ____________________________________

Identity / Social Security / Other Numbers (Specify) __________________________________

Physical Address: ______________________________________________

Telephone Number 1 _____________________________

Telephone Number 2 _____________________________


I hereby authorize the attending veterinarian to treat any of my pets as listed on the Pet Information sheet and I accept full responsibility for all fees and charges (limited to $____________) incurred in the treatment of any of my pets.

The Pet Sitter is authorized to transport my pet(s) to and from the veterinary clinic for treatment or to request "on-site" treatment if deemed necessary. If I cannot be reached in case of an emergency, the Sitter shall act on my behalf to authorize any treatment excluding euthanasia.

Pet Sitter's Full Names: __________________________________

Identity / Social Security / Other Numbers (Specify) __________________________________

Owner's Signature: _______________________________

Date: _________________________________________


All our small business forms can be downloaded free of charge and edited to suit your requirements. Consult with your attorney to review your release form, pet care contract and dog liability insurance to ensure it contains all the provisions you need and complies with your local laws.

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