Pet Information Sheet

The pet information sheet supplied here is one of the attachments mentioned in both the Pet Sitting Contract and Dog Walking Contract and form part of both agreements.

Your service may well include both pet sitting and dog walking. You can combine the two small business forms mentioned above or complete them separately although many of the provisions are common to both agreements.

dog collar with tag and Buddy name

NOTE: If an agreement is entered into for an extended period of time, the statement by the owner that the vaccinations are current may not be true at a future date. The pet sitter or dog walker should ask for copies of vaccination certificates and keep them on record.

A separate pet information sheet must be completed for every pet that will be cared for.

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Pet Information

Pet Name Species
Breed Weight Age Color
(__)Male     Neutered:  Y  /  N (__)Female     Spayed:  Y  /  N
ID Tag Tattoo Microchip
Please initial to verify that any and all applicable
vaccinations and licenses as required by law are current:
Notable Medical Information, Allergies, Phobias etc.




How to Administer


AM: Name of Pet Food ________________ Size of Portion_______________

PM: Name of Pet Food ________________ Size of Portion_______________

Name of Treats Allowed _______________ Frequency _________________


Activity ____________ Frequency and Duration __________________

Activity ____________ Frequency and Duration __________________

Location of suitable harnesses/collars for walks ____________________

Preferred time for walks ______________________


Has the pet ever bitten a person   Y  /  N
Has the pet ever started a fight with or bitten another animal   Y  /  N
Is the pet friendly towards children and adults   Y  /  N
Name things your pet dislikes:
Name things your pet likes:
Favorite hiding place(s):
Favorite toy(s):
Restricted areas:
Additional information:

Owners Full Names:
Identity/Social Security/Other (specify) numbers:

I, the owner of the above listed pet warrant that the information contained herein is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Owner's Signature:_________________Date:___________


Note to pet owners: Although the law in your jurisdiction may only list certain vaccinations as compulsory (e.g. rabies), the pet sitter may also insist on proof of a DHLPP shot, Bordatella (kennel cough), various Feline vaccinations etc. Any person providing a pet sitting or dog walking service must familiarize himself/herself with relevant health care requirements for pets.

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