Free Power of Attorney
Managing Your Real Estate

This free power of attorney is ideal for appointing an Agent to manage
your real estate, without granting the broad powers that are normally included in a general power of attorney.

This real estate POA does not empower your Agent to buy or sell any of your real estate properties.

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You can issue a limited power of attorney for a single transaction (also available at no cost from our site), or you can incorporate those provisions into this document.

Free Power of Attorney - Legal Requirements

The document must be notarized and if you include the power to do real estate transactions (buying and selling real estate) it must be filed with the relevant government office i.e. County Clerk or Deeds Office.

You can appoint different people as your Agents in a financial POA (e.g. your accountant), in a real estate POA (e.g. your realtor son) and in your general POA (e.g. your wife). Note though that you then need to add limitations in your general POA to exclude handling your finances or real estate transactions.

Please Note:
Visit our POA Main Page for links to our other free POA templates and more legal information.

At the end of the free power of attorney form below, there are links to download this limited power of attorney as PDF and Word Doc, as well as three more documents that you may find of particular use for your property management!

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Limited Power of Attorney

I, the undersigned

(Full legal name) ______________________________

(Identity/SS number) ______________________________ residing at

(Address) ____________________________________


do hereby nominate and appoint

(Full legal name) ________________________________

(Identity/SS number) ______________________________ residing at

(Address) ____________________________________


as my Attorney-In-Fact (Agent) with the power of delegation and substitution. My Agent shall have full power to be my lawful Attorney and Agent in my name, place and stead to:

1. Enter into binding contracts on my behalf for the renting or leasing of my real estate properties.

2. Collect and receive rent, cancel any lease, remove tenants and recover possession.

3. Employ real estate agents, attorneys and tenant screening companies to assist with his duties on my behalf.

4. Improve or repair any of my real estate property under his care.

5. Advertise my real estate when necessary for the purpose of securing a tenant.

6. Demand and sue for debt owed to me and settle any claim against me.

7. Attend all meetings of homeowners associations and to vote and sign documents on my behalf.

8. Open and operate an account with a financial institution to deposit payments received and with the authority to issue checks and make payments for my real estate property.

9. Adjust, settle or write-off any debts owed to me.

My Agent shall provide accurate records on a monthly basis of all transactions completed on my behalf and shall provide accounting records on a six-monthly basis.

The authority granted in this document is limited to the following properties:




(Give complete details i.e. Lot no, portion no, address, county, state)




(Give complete details i.e. Lot no, portion no, address, county, state)

This Power of Attorney shall remain in effect until _______________20 ___

Executed this ______ day of __________________20 ____

at ______________________________________

Signature: ________________________________

in the presence of the undersigned witnesses:

WITNESS 1: Full legal name _____________________

                     Signature _________________________

WITNESS 2: Full legal name _____________________

                     Signature _________________________


This document was acknowledged before me on this ______ day of ____________________20__ by ________________________(Principal's Full legal name)

Signature of Notary Public ______________________

Full legal Name ______________________________

My commission expires ________________________

State of ________________________

County of ______________________


Printable Real Estate Power of Attorney or download it as a fillable PDF or Word template by following the links below:

PDF Download Text Document Download

The free power of attorney form above empowers your agent to act on your behalf.

However! It does not spell out the payment terms, obligations, warranties etc.

The advantage of keeping the documents separate means you can revoke this limited free Power of Attorney, without cancelling the property management contract at the same time. A revocation of power of attorney can be signed at any time and for any reason that you may have.

As mentioned earlier on the page, here are three free legal documents that you may find useful:

  • Property Management Contract - A comprehensive document that details the specific duties of the Manager and various fees payable by Owner over an extended period of time.
  • Commmission Agreement - This provides for just the procurement and placing of a tenant without entering into a management contract.
  • Proxy Form - In point number 7 of our free power of attorney form above, there is authorization for your Agent to attend and vote on your behalf at all meetings.
    You can delete that provision (renumber the following paragraphs correctly) and issue a Proxy Form as and when for specific meetings only.

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