Parental Travel Consent Form

Your free Parental Child Travel Consent Form can be used when the child
is traveling with anyone other than the parent or legal guardian
or when a child is going on an excursion.

In some legal situations a parent may need a consent to travel from another parent, such as when the traveling parent does not have sole custody of a child.

children traveling on train

If the child's last name (surname) is different to that of the accompanying parent, you may need additional certified documentation such as a marriage certificate, adoption certificate, etc. to prove the relationship with the minor.

Similarly in the instance where two parents are listed on the child's documents but one is deceased or the traveling parent has sole legal custody, you should have certified supporting documentation when crossing international borders.

You should have your Parental Child Travel Consent Form notarized. Do not sign the form beforehand - the notary public must witness all signatures.

We also have an easy checklist and the related parental consent forms available should you need them:

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Copyright Notice

Parental Child Travel Consent



Full Legal Names:

Identity / Social Security or Other (Specify) number:

Full Legal Names:

Identity / Social Security or Other (Specify) number:

Physical Address:

Contact Details:

(hereinafter referred to as "the Parent / Guardian")


Full Legal Names:

Birth Date / identifying numbers:

(hereinafter referred to as "the Child")


Full Legal Names:

Identity / Social Security or Other (Specify) number:

Full Legal Names:

Identity / Social Security or Other (Specify) number:

Physical Address:

Contact Details:

(hereinafter referred to as "the Traveling Guardian")

1.    I hereby authorize the Child to travel with the Traveling Guardian to the following destination(s):

2.    The period of travel shall be from
the _____ day of ____________________ 20____

until the _____ day of ___________________20____.

3.    Should it prove to be impossible to notify the Parent / Guardian of any change in travel plans due to an emergency or unforeseen circumstances arising, I authorize the Traveling Guardian to authorize such change in travel plans.

4.    Should the Traveling Guardian in his / her sole discretion (which discretion shall not be unreasonably exercised) deem it advisable to make special travel arrangements for the Child to be returned home due to any unforeseen circumstances arising, I accept full responsibility for the additional costs which shall be incurred thereby.

5.    I indemnify the Traveling Guardian against any and all claims whatsoever and howsoever arising, save where such claims arise from negligence, gross negligence or willful intent during the specified period of this Travel Consent.

6.    I declare that I am the legal custodian of the Child and that I have legal authority to grant travel consent to the Traveling Guardian for the Child.

7.    Unless inconsistent with the context, words signifying the singular shall include the plural and vice versa.

Signed at ______________________on this ______day of _________________20____

SIGNATURE_____________________________(Parent / Guardian)

SIGNATURE _____________________________(Parent / Guardian)

WITNESS 1:   _____________________________

WITNESS 2:    _____________________________


Why a Parental Travel Consent Form is so Important!

little boy in aeroplane

It is unfortunately true that there has been an increase in parental child abduction by parents who do not have custody of a child or those who want to deny visitation by the other parent.

The heartache caused to family members (let alone the legal struggles to regain rightful custody) when a child is whisked away to a foreign country is immense!

There is legal recourse and assistance for International Child Abduction but it is vital that parents act swiftly when this happens.

It is also true that there is an increase in the number incidence of child trafficking and pornography.

One should therefore welcome vigilance of staff at international borders and the requirement of a child travel consent form to prove that an accompanying adult is bona fide or that a minor traveling alone has the permission to do so.

Note: This written parental travel consent form will be in addition to any other travel documents required by either the originating or destination country e.g. passport, photo identification card, unabridged birth certificate, custody documents etc.

With your free Parental Child Travel Consent Form hassles at a border can be avoided. The form can also be used for excursions or to authorize local travel with a family friend.

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