Pet Owner Information

This pet owner information form must be completed and attached
to either the Pet Sitting Contract or Dog Walking Contract, together with the Pet Information form and Veterinary Release Form.

Home owners can also use a variation of this form to give to a trusted neighbor, even if they do not have a formal house sitting agreement. It is a convenient way to have important information on hand in case of an emergency.

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A dog walker may not need some of the information or services listed on the form. However, all our free legal documents can be copied into your word program where you can edit them to suit your requirements.

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Owner Information

Full Legal Names
Physical Address
Tel: Home Office Mobile Other
Pet Guardian
Tel: Home Office Mobile Access to House Y/N
Physical Address
Tel: Clinic Emergency Other
Alternative Veterinarian
Physical Address
Tel: Clinic Emergency Other

Maintenance Persons for Household Emergencies

Tel 1Tel 2 Access to House Y / N
Tel 1 Tel 2 Access to House Y / N
Other persons with access to home e.g. landlord, cleaning service, family members etc.

Security Company: Tel:
Entry Code Exit Code Password

Please Tick House Sitting Services Required

(_)Collect Mail        (_)Water Indoor Plants      (_)Water Outdoor Plants     
(_)Alternate Window Coverings      (_)Alternate Light Switches     
(_)Alternate Sound Systems Other:________________________
(_)Put out Trash Cans - Quantity and Location________________
(_)Reporting to Owner - Frequency___________Method_____________

Please Specify the Location of:

Water Shut-off Valve____________
Fire Extinguisher____________
Gas Shut-off Valve____________
Electrical Panel____________
Spare House Key____________
Cleaning Supplies____________

Owner's Signature: ________________Date:____________


Note: The Pet Guardian refers to a trusted neighbor, friend or family member who can take over the pet sitting duties according to the provisions in the Pet Sitting Contract or if the Pet Owner will have an extended absence due to an emergency and the Pet Sitter is not available.

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