Special Power of Attorney Form

The Special Power of Attorney form on this page can be used when you need someone to act on your behalf for a number of motor vehicle transactions.

It deals specifically with empowering another person to complete and sign forms on your behalf and will be a requirement from your local department of motor vehicle registration.

car keys and registration form

This is a limited / specific power of attorney which is valid only for the purposes stated and the vehicle specified.

You can also state a specified time period for which the POA will be valid, after which it automatically becomes null and void with no need to issue a revocation.

Our template provides a space for your list of transactions that you could grant authority for depending on your jurisdiction. For example:

  • Registration of a Vehicle
  • Transfer of Title
  • Recording of Lien
  • Odometer Disclosure Statement -
  • Vehicle Information Request
  • Request Replacement or a Duplicate Certificate

For transactions involving a motorcycle, boat or trailer, simply edit the description of the vehicle to suit.

It is also easy to edit this form to create a specific power of attorney for other purposes by deleting or changing the vehicle details and description of transactions or visit our main Power of Attorney page for more free templates.


* It may be a legal requirement in your jurisdiction to have the form signed in the presence of a Notary Public or Commissioner of Oaths and it may also require the signature of a Certified Technician.

* This special power of attorney form does not empower an agent to buy or sell a vehicle on your behalf. If you wish to empower your agent to do those transactions, then please refer to our Auto Power of Attorney for your free template.

* A printable odometer disclosure statement and car sales agreement are also available or you can download them as PDF or Word documents.

Copyright Notice

Special Power of Attorney

I, the undersigned

(Full legal names) __________________________________

(SS/Passport/ID number)_____________________

residing at _______________________________________


(Full legal names) __________________________________

(SS/Passport/ID number)_____________________

residing at _______________________________________

as my Attorney-in-Fact (Agent) with the full authority to act on my behalf to complete and sign my name on any document or form that is legally required in order to complete transactions for the vehicle listed below:

Vehicle Year Make and Model: ________________________

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN): ___________________

The following transactions are hereby authorized:




This document shall be construed and interpreted as a limited and special power of attorney which is valid only for the purposes, persons and vehicle stated herein and may not be used for any other transaction or by any person not named.

I confirm that I have the legal right to execute this Power of Attorney and that the information supplied in supporting documents is true and correct.

I indemnify any third party from any claims which may arise against the third party because of reliance on this power of attorney.

This special power of attorney shall become effective on the
____ day of _________________20__ and shall expire on the
____ day of _________________20__ or at an earlier date if revoked by me in writing.

Executed this ____ day of _____________20__

at ______________________________________

Signature: ________________________________
in the presence of the undersigned witnesses:

Witness 1. Name:______________________ Signature:____________________________

Witness 2. Name:______________________ Signature:____________________________

Acknowledgement of Notary Public

This document was acknowledged before me
on this __ day of ________20__
by ________________________(Principal's full legal names)
who submitted ___________________________ as positive photo identification.

Signature of Notary Public ______________________

Full legal Names ______________________________

My commission expires ________________________

State of ________________________
County of ______________________


Special Power of Attorney Form for Vehicle Transactions - Use the printable form above as is, or you can download and edit as a fillable PDF or Word template by following the links below:

PDF Download Text Document Download

In the section for the Notary Public on the special power of attorney form above, he/she will specify which document e.g. passport, driver's licence etc. was used for verification of identity.

In some countries you may need to prove identity (passport, birth certificate, driving licence) as well as proof of residence (utility bill, bank statement).

Note: If you are a tenant and do not have a utility bill in your name or recent bank statement for your current address, you could make use of our Affidavit of Residence to prove residency.

To review the legal requirements in your jurisdiction for motor vehicle transactions, follow this link for quick navigation to your area specific Department of Motor Vehicle Registration page.

If the vehicle is owned by a company or other legal entity, then you need to supply the relevant registration information on your document.

Your DMV may demand proof of identity for both parties. For example a copy of the driver's license of the absentee party and the original driver's licence of the person named as Agent or Attorney in this special power of attorney form for vehicle transactions.

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