Most Profitable Franchise
The Bottom Line

Quite simply - the most profitable franchise is the one with the highest Return on Investment (ROI).

Every second franchise out there advertise themselves as the most profitable in order to get your buy-in.

Why is it then that some stores within the same franchise group fail whilst others are extremely profitable?

money on tree

In my experience finding the most suitable location, coupled with a good operator (franchisee) will determine the most profitable franchise.

You also can not expect to make the same profits (bottom line only) with a 10k investment as someone else with a 100k investment. However, if your gross profit is 50% whilst another franchise manages a 30% margin, you have a better return on your investment.

Apart from the money:

  • What value do you put to the free time you will have available with franchise A compared to that of franchise B.
  • What value will you give to ease of operation, lack of employment hassles and ease of loan repayments.

So - there is no single definitive answer as to the most profitable franchise out there.

But! If you take the time to explore all the franchise information supplied on this website, I can guarantee you that a very clear picture about franchising will emerge.

Thereafter it will be up to you to turn your business into the most profitable franchise.

Most Profitable Franchise - The Bigger Picture

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Then you need to go to our free Franchise Consulting page for information on:

  • Disclosure Documents
  • Obligations of the Franchiser
  • Obligations of the Franchisee

Having considered all of the above,

There is one more tool that you can apply. You've got just a little bit more thinking to do, and that is in the criteria you set - trust me, it will all make sense in a minute.

Go to this Decision Making Software (totally free of charge) and enter your question such as which small business franchise, site or whatever you need to choose - just follow the prompts and see where it gets you.

There is more to the most profitable franchise than just the bottom line. Take a look at all the factors that can determine a successful franchise and give you the quality of life you desire.

I wish you success!

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